Introducing Knoda – Predict. Compete. Conquer

As some readers might know, I’ve recently joined the team at Knoda. Based in Kansas City, Knoda provides people with a way to make their predictions, let their friends (and enemies) vote, and hold everyone accountable to the results. Sound like fun? Well, hurry over to the App Store and get it. Android users – the development team is feverishly working on your application, but in the meantime, you can reserve your username.

How it works

When I log into Knoda, I see a stream of users predictions.

2014-01-13 16.12.54

Looks like we’ve got a lot of interest in the KU basketball game tonight, and some predictions about Bitcoin. I don’t know who Fran Fraschilla is, but I think this prediction is wrong. Swipe from the right to disagree.

2014-01-13 16.13.13

Making a prediction of your own is easy as well. I’m going to predict that this blog post will get more than 50 views on Wednesday. I’ll keep voting open until 3pm CST, and I’ll declare the result Wednesday Morning.

2014-01-13 16.27.36

There are lots of other features to explore – searching, commenting, statistics, however I’ll let you download the app to learn about those. You can also follow our releases on the Knoda blog or on twitter @Knodafuture

You can also expect this blog to feature a lot more entries on the technologies that we are using at Knoda – Rails 4, Postgres, Objective-C, and Java. If you love these technologies as much as the Knoda team does, check out our Coder Wall. As our user base grows, Knoda will be hiring additional software developers to help build out the world’s best social prediction platform.

Finally, if my description hasn’t painted a clear enough picture for you, learn all about Knoda from our co-founders, Kyle Rogers and James Flexman, presenting last week at 1 Million Cups Kansas City.

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