Introducing Borderizer – Helping Travelers Move Faster

On a recent trip to San Diego, my wife and I crossed the U.S./Mexico border at San Ysidro to visit the lovely city of Tijuana. A 5 minute walk across the border was all it took to enter Mexico.

After a few hours of touring the Mexican shops (and the accompanying drug offers), we were ready to return to the United States. However, returning to the U.S. is not nearly as easy as leaving it. The customs wait at the border checkpoint was over 2 hours long. A miserable way to spend 2 hours of my vacation, and a problem that I won’t tolerate any longer.

Enter Borderizer…

Borderizer provides you with up to the minute stats on how long the wait is at any border crossing in Mexico or Canada. Equipped with this information, you can plan your trip better. If the wait at San Ysidro is 2 hours, just relax, have a bite to eat at a local taqueria, and plan your customs wait for late afternoon, when the crowds have died down.

Available for iPhone in the App Store

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Available for Android on Google Play
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Best of all, Borderizer is FREE.  Yep, $0.00  So go ahead and download today.  We’ll be rolling out new features in the upcoming months, including Spanish language support, suggestions on the best time to cross, and maps of the border crossings.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for featues you’d like to have in Borderizer – we’d love to make it more useful for everyone.

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